“Which division should I play in for Lubus League?”

We get this question a lot, so below are some quick answers:

Elite Division: 
The Elite Division is intended for competitive soccer players with at least High School Junior Varsity level experience or greater. This division draws a very competitive level of players, High School Varsity players, College Division 1, 2 and 3 players are regulars in this division.
Requirements: Men over 15, Women of any age.

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Intermediate Division:
The Intermediate Division draws players a little older than the Elite Division, but who still can play at a very high level, or who play regularly.  You are welcome to bring in your own team or you can register individually and be placed on a team.

For 2024 each Intermediate division team must have at least 5 players over the age of 30 on the roster and 3 of them must be on the field at all times.

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Recreational Division:
The Recreation Division is intended for players seeking a less intensive soccer competition.  Athletes with only junior varsity experience, men over 40 (unless you have played before), women of any age, coaches wanting to experience the game, or new players.  No Varsity or College players are permitted.
The Recreational division teams are formed via a draft.
Requirements: Men over 40, or boys 14-16 and over and going into High School without Varsity experience, Women of any age. All Recreational Players are subject to approval of the league commissioner.

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