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Lubus Soccer is proud to partner with Soccer Rugby and offer our participants a 20% discount in store or online.

Use the coupon code "LUBUS20" to get your discount.

Lubus Soccer is proud to partner with Chris Obi's Soccer Academy

Parents/Coaches /Players:
2024 BFC camp is directed by Our Club trainer Chris Obi Soccer Academy. Camp is open to all travel and in-house players of all levels. Come and start your pre-season training in a fun camp with Chris Obi, Coach Marc Gard and others.
Players that come in as a group will be trained together and should also be able to play other teams from other clubs.
Coaches, please encourage your team to all sign up as a group(Flyer attached above too - If you wish to collect registraion and payments then hand over to me) Those pre-season camps are very beneficial to players' development and help players to get ready for the fall soccer. Click here for more details...

2024 BFC/CSA Summer Camp:
Date: July 22-26th, Aug 5-9th(Pre-Season Camps)
Camp Fees: $189 per week
For: Open to Players , all skill levels (Ages 6 - 14 yrs)
Location: Brewster JFK field (Next to turf Stadium)

Note: Camp open to all skill levels: In-house and travel teams from North Salem, New Fairfield, Mahopac, Carmel, Brewster and more. Player are going to have the opportunity to train and compete against other players from other clubs in a fun filled setting while getting ready for the Fall season.

Space is Limited.

Connecticut Adult Soccer - Lubus Soccer

Connecticut Adult Soccer - Lubus Soccer

Connecticut's Most Competitive Summer Soccer League - Lubus Soccer

Since 1989 Lubus Soccer has been offering competitive soccer for players of all ages.  Are you prepping for a HIgh School Season, or for College, this is the place to play.  There is really nothing like our league.  Nowhere in the state can you play competitive soccer 4 Days a week!

Our Elite division is the most competitive level of soccer with players ranging in age from 18 to 35.  Soccer players in the Elite division usually have some level of Varsity soccer experience at either the High School or College level.  You are welcome to bring in your own team or you can register individually and be placed on a team.

The Intermediate Division draws players a little older than the Elite Division, but who still can play at a very high level, or who play regularly.  You are welcome to bring in your own team or you can register individually and be placed on a team. For 2024 each Intermediate division team must have at least 5 players over the age of 30 on the roster and 3 of them must be on the field at all times.

The Recreation Division is intended for players seeking a less intensive soccer experience.  No Varsity players are allowed in this league unless they are over 40.  This is a great division for parents, coaches, or the new player who may have never played before.

If you are not sure what division is right for you contact us so we can help you.

The Lubus Adult Soccer League welcomes new teams and individual player inquiries.

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